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CQSE stands for Continuous Quality in Software Engineering.

Successful companies need to adapt their software systems to continuously changing requirements. Only those that fulfill new requirements time and cost efficiently remain competitive. Our mission is to enable our customers to achieve this, by offering our consulting expertise, as well as our Software Intelligence platform Teamscale.

CQSE GmbH was founded in 2009 as a spin-off of the Technische Universität München. We provide innovative consulting services and products that help our customers to evaluate, improve and control the quality of their software systems. 

Our customers are quality-conscious, software-intensive big and medium-size companies from a wide spectrum of business areas, incl. insurance, finance, automotive, avionics, industrial automation and healthcare. The systems we analyze range from business information systems to systems embedded in cars, airplanes or cash machines, developed in modern or legacy programming languages as well as in a model-based fashion.

Our team of experts helps our customers to understand the quality of their software systems and guides their developers during maintenance, extension and improvement of the systems. The CQSE experts are regular speakers on leading international conferences on software quality and maintenance as well as authors of influential scientific articles. We combine this strong academic background with extensive practical experience gained from both supporting our customers’ software projects during all phases of the software lifecycle and our own product development.

Unser Produkt



Teamscale is more than just a code checker, it is a Software Intelligence platform. It supports developers, testers, managers, requirements engineers and many others roles, with a focus on effective collaboration. The features of Teamscale include

Test Gap Analysis
Test Selection
Incremental Code Analyses
Requirements Analysis
Requirements Tracing
Holistic Analyses
Architecture Conformance Analysis
Code Clone Management
Workflow Integration

Read more at: https://teamscale.com/product-overview

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Beratung / Consulting

Join us as a working student and/or check for possibilities to write your thesis at CQSE GmbH.

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At CQSE, we live and cultivate a culture of transparency, openeness and constructive feedback. All important figures of the company are presented once a month and twice a year we go to a company retreat, where we discuss and decide on long-term goals together. We enjoy having our coffee breaks and lunches together, which is where we share anecdotes and project news.

Everyone at CQSE is free to choose their working hours, but we stick to the 40 hour week and avoid overtime. With home office and flexible working hours, job and family can be combined well. In addition, we organize different company events several times a year, so that we can do something together outside of the daily business.


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+49 89 998 271 751


Centa-Hafenbrädl-Str. 59

81249 München

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