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Our journey as a software company started back in 2004. By the time we offered an 'off-the-shelf' software solution for Financial Institutions to manage credit business. The role of software back in the days was more of a business support function and customizable solutions worked well in domains with a high level of business standards.

Based on our profound project experience and customer feedback, we understood that prefabricated solutions would not be sufficient to create solutions for all business requirements with a real market-fit. Moreover, we saw requests of internal and external user rising and we wanted to provide new concepts to develop and refine solutions at scale. By 2013 we turned our product into a banking platform with embedded low-code and no-code tools long before the 'low-code wave' kicked in.

With technological capabilities constantly evolving and a growing ecosystem of value provider, we decided in 2020 to take a next steps in our product evolution. Our objective was to truly facilitate open collaboration and co-creation. The newest generation of our product and service offerings are completely aligned to the idea that a modern solution is a composite of different components from any value provider. We see ourself as the door-opener to 'best-of-breed' solutions with an easy 'plug-and-play' approach to embed new components at any time. We strongly believe that this kind of modern software development is a key enabler of tech-driven business growth.


Shape the future with your ideas.

Everything starts with passion. It drives us to redefine things. It generates innovative ideas that push us to the limits of what is possible. When the ability of an individual meets a team in which each opinion is heard, they can successfully shape the future together.


At knowis, we not only focus on developing innovative software solutions but also on creating an inspiring working environment for our team. We believe that satisfied and motivated employees are the foundation of our success. That's why we offer a variety of benefits that promote not only your professional development but also your well-being.

Flexible working hours and remote work: We understand the importance of the work-life balance. Therefore, we provide flexible working hours and the option to work remotely.

Responsibility and individual development opportunities: With us, you have the opportunity to take on responsibilities and continually advance. Your personal goals matter to us.

Company events: We not only celebrate our successes at company events but also support our local football club, SSV Jahn.

Flat hierarchies: At knowis, we foster a familiar atmosphere where every opinion counts, and hierarchies are open and accessible.

Health in focus: Your well-being is important to us. We offer company medical check-ups and the option for bike leasing to help you stay fit.

Company pension scheme: We think about your future and offer the opportunity to plan for your retirement early.

Collaborative team:A collegial and well-coordinated team awaits you. We believe that shared successes within the team are even more valuable.

More than just work: Enjoy our corporate benefits, benefit from 30 days of vacation, and immerse yourself in multicultural teams.

These are just some of the many advantages we provide. At knowis, we want you to feel not only as part of our team but also as part of a supportive community. Your development and well-being are important to us, as we are convinced that great software solutions arise from a motivated and satisfied workforce.

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The knowis platform is an open development acceleration platform that helps today's agile development teams to efficiently design, develop, and run modern enterprise-grade applications – designed for the cloud.

It helps customers to overcome the challenges of the increasing complexity of modern software development, while enabling them to embrace the advantages of technology-driven growth.

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From internship to permanent employment - at Knowis, there are various ways to start your career!

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We trust our employees and are happy to delegate responsibility. We are looking for individuals who can develop and implement creative solutions in an environment of challenging goals, constantly changing challenges, and diverse opinions.


It all begins with passion. It generates innovative ideas that push us to the limits of what's possible. When individual expertise meets a team where every opinion is valued, we can collectively shape the future succes.


Your opinion is important to us. We believe that we can only grow when we interact openly and respectfully with each other, allowing everyone to express their views at any time. Every one of your ideas is heard.


At our company, every employee is challenged and supported. We provide room for innovative ideas and cross-functional experiences, ensuring a steep learning curve. Take control of your career and accelerate with us.

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knowis AG

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